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  • Welcome to the City of Muscle Shoals 
Hit Recording Capital of the World

Welcome to The Hit Recording Capital of the World

For over 60 years, Muscle Shoals has
created the biggest music hits in R&B,
Rock and Roll, Soul, and Country Music.
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An illustration of the homeAn illustration of the home
The Home

Mid-Century Two Bedroom Music Home

The Muscle Shoals Music Cottage is on The National Historic Register. This E. L Newman Lustron Home is a rare example of Mid-Century Architecture at its finest. It was established at the beginning of the formative years of the Muscle Shoals Music Scene. The home is made of enamel coated metal and is in original condition. This home was built in the York Terrace area of Sheffield, Alabama. It is very convenient to Muscle Shoals Sound Studio and Downtown Sheffield. The home is 10 minutes from Fame Studios and just up the road from Muscle Shoals Sound Studio and close to Helen Keller's birthplace Ivy Green.

The Home has a small washer and dryer and a small kitchen. It has original sliding doors and all original sliding metal cabinets. The house has been well taken care of for the past 70 years. We ask that you be careful and delicate with this museum quality home.

The Arthur Alexander Room

This Arther Alexander Bedroom has a firm mattress and is best used by those needing or desiring a firm nights sleep. You will find Muscle Shoals influenced British music artists featured here. If you like John Lennon or The Rolling Stones then this firm mattress bedroom is for you.

The Rock and Southern Room

Here Classic Rock Artists, Southern Rock Artists, and Country Music Artists whom recorded in the Shoals are championed. The mattress in this room is for soft mattress sleepers. If you like Greg Allman or Glenn Frey than this is your room.

Photo Album and Pictures of The Property

To see the online photo album of the property click here.

Sheffield, Alabama 35660