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Hit Recording Capital of the World

Welcome to The Hit Recording Capital of the World

For over 60 years, Muscle Shoals has
created the biggest music hits in R&B,
Rock and Roll, Soul, and Country Music.
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asdPictured is an illustration of a Lustron Home. It includes the scene of a boy playing in his yard while his dog plays and his mom watches.
Shoals Music Cottage

E.L. Newman Lustron House

On The National Historic Register
This Lustron Home in Sheffield, Alabama is a home that is considered representative of the post WWII era. This home is registered on The National Historic Register along with other Colbert County structures including Fame Recording Studios, Muscle Shoals Sound Studio, Wilson Dam, and Ivy Green (Helen Keller Home). Lustron Homes were manufactured and delivered by truck to awaiting American families in the late 1940's and early 1950. It is one of the hundreds of homes manufactured in Columbus, Ohio and shipped by truck to be assembled. Across the nation more than 2500 Lustron homes were originally manufactured and erected. With each passing year more of these unique period homes are vanishing from neighborhoods across the United States.

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